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Fixed Assets Verification is a complete solution starting from capitalization, accounting, numbering to barcode tagging and normal periodical reconfirmation/verification. Additionally it is ordinary protection of fixed property sign in as according to various statutes and computation of deprecations and revaluation of property at common intervals. Agencies face a great task to song the area, amount, situation, and protection and depreciation status in their fixed property.

V'hetu has the bandwidth, experience, and publicity to provide whole FA answers to its various clients related to multiple places, branches, stores, production devices, and warehouses. Similarly, we expand the offerings to have everyday guide to generate asset tags for additionally added belongings from the returned office. We can also take responsibility for dealing with the fixed property help desk.

V’hetu helps clients manage their Fixed Asset Management & Capitalization as an end-to-end service provider covering the broad areas of capitalization, lifecycle management, and physical verification & tagging and process setup. We facilitate in establishing best practices through setting up quantitative controls on fixed assets. V’hetu offers a SaaS Model solution for supplementing service delivery in the area of fixed asset life cycle management. V’hetu has also trained its teams to fulfill clients’ Fixed Assets related requirements across the globe and is now fully evolved as an end

  • Asset tagging and Barcode Labeling
  • Asset verification and reconciliation of fixed asset register records
  • Data cleansing
  • Determination of “ghost assets”
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V’hetu is one of the leading service providers for retail industry at PAN India degree and we offer precise custom designed offerings which consist of Showroom Audit, Compliance audits, Warehouse audit, and return / damaged stock Audit, SOP audit, Hygiene audit, Despatcher audit, GRN audit, Reconciliation and Asset confirmation.

Our team is ready with the contemporary scanners and infrastructure wanted for scanning the inventory and has bandwidth and revel in for catering stores across India. Our group is primarily based locally in all regions which offer the purchaser the advantage of getting more than one audits throughout all location added simultaneously. All our offerings are IT-enabled giving get right of entry to customer whole information on audit development and effects via accessing our portal

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In case of warehouse and raw materials shops of diverse manufacturing & trading companies ensuring the quarterly bodily inventory fit with book inventory is a key compliance requirement, with our all India unfold we absorb and execute the inventory take hobby in any respect places on a quarterly basis and launch reports. We undertake Periodical one 100% verification of raw material (RM) inventory at shops of a factory on a monthly or quarterly basis. We also control entire stock taking of finished goods (FG) with whole reconciliation of variance till its sign off.

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V’hetu is constructed to make certain the person constantly stays compliant with all company governance related to fixed Asset control. Asset Depreciation may be calculated in adherence to multiple compliance inclusive of new businesses Act 2013, Income Tax Act, SEZ, STPI, and many others. Particular capabilities in V'hetu like custom Books, unlimited Depreciation Simulation and Revaluation allow maximum reporting flexibility.

V’hetu allows companies to calculate depreciation as in keeping with new companies Act 2013 & Income Tax Act. We’ve got a large panel of experts to track exchange in regulations and validate before it's far launched to subscribers.

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The Plant Fund Accountant keeps a spreadsheet which reconciles the yr-to-date interest for each asset magnificence within the V'hetu fixed Asset device to the overall ledger balances for constant property and related gathered depreciation. A separate asset class is used for each sort of asset, such as land, building, land improvements, infrastructure, leasehold improvements, system, vehicles, library books, artwork, intangibles, and creation in development.

For every asset elegance, the spreadsheet summarizes the stability at the start of the economic year, the current year additions, discounts, and transfers, and computes the ending balance. The computed finishing balance is reconciled to the value and collected depreciation balances on the general ledger balance for each constant asset magnificence. The entire is likewise reconciled to the full constant property, internet of gathered depreciation, in keeping with the constant asset gadget, as pronounced on the Asset records Sheet.

This spreadsheet is updated after every month-cease near. It’s also used to put together the Capital assets footnote in the annual financial file.